New cloud infrastructure for dedicated enterprise customers

platform Jul 17, 2022

Devworkz Pty Ltd announces AppbuilderCloud designed to support the dedicated running of Safe Havens Sentinel along with other out-of-the-box solutions, bespoke productivity and business-critical workloads and migrated on-prem Sharepoint applications.

We are delighted to announce the release of our new cloud service, named AppbuilderCloud. AppbuilderCloud is intended to support the dedicated running of Safe Havens Sentinel along with other out-of-the-box solutions, along with bespoke productivity and business-critical workloads needed in a modern, COVID-impacted organisation. AppbuilderCloud is also designed to support the migration of on-prem Sharepoint assets out to the cloud.

Geolocated on Australian servers, running in AWS and powered by OutSystems the AppbuliderCloud comes with pre-installed components and integration options to plug and play with all your existing cloud and ground-based solutions. AppbuliderCloud allows you to relocate existing workloads to the cloud or turn your new ideas into apps. Uniting design, code and deployment, the platform radically fast tracks the development, administration and running of solutions so your innovations can flourish.

AppbuilderCloud is a low-code platform designed for developers by developers to build cool apps, where you can weave in the latest tech like reactive web, AI/ML, IoT, RPA and microservices and publish automatically. Extend the platform with as much or as little low-code as you like. AppbuilderCloud delivers a radically simplified yet powerful development paradigm that dramatically increases the productivity of your development team. Your teams can deploy, manage, monitor, and run apps all in one place. 

Typically we cut development costs to a third. Verse high code options, we quadruple developer output by a factor of four.  With user pricing less than half that of Power Apps and no extra charges for forms or workflows AppbuilderCloud is the option for modern, progressive IT teams and CIO’s …. John Ackery Director of Devworkz, Author of Safe Havens Sentinel

Your teams can deploy new ideas in weeks and make app changes just as fast–so you’re always ahead of the pack. Build what makes you unique. Meet your problems and challenges head-on with fast response capabilities that will surprise and delight all your customers and related stakeholders.

For our existing SharePoint on-prem Appbuilder customers this gives you a viable pathway to the cloud freeing you from the ongoing complexities and technical workloads that currently exist in legacy SharePoint on-prem and cloud domains.  

Ask about our kick-start Initiator platform as a simple first step and the extensive options for limitless growth.

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