The need for Child Safe Compliance

child safe compliance Jun 08, 2022

Organisations have always needed to meet communities’ expectations of being Child Safe. From the Royal Commission, we know that organisations that fail in this area experience substantial social, moral, reputational and financial costs. 

The requirements for any organisation to build a child-safe culture [new systems, leadership, training, engagement, records management etc.] are well defined and documented with ten core standards and hundreds of supporting components. There is no reason or excuse not to know what is needed to be compliant and effective in this space.

With new Child Safe laws and reporting requirements passing through state governments, the obligations of organisations and directors, executives and frontline staff are more apparent than ever and leave no room for complacency. 

Building child safe compliant organisations will, in turn, flow on and into child safe communities, that is the principal intent and design. Being child safe compliant will be essential to build and reclaim community trust in this space. We would argue that organisations that have an effective and obvious public-facing presence will build clear branding advantages over one's competitors.

Child safe compliant organisations will see downward pressure on direct processing costs, ballooning insurance and opportunistic litigators and 'ambulance chasers' looking to leverage the new laws.

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