Use ‘Safe Havens Skool’ to start your journey to build effective ‘Child Safe’ capabilities.

online training May 18, 2022

The Mission of ‘Safe Havens Skool’ is to help enable designated organisations’ to start the journey of building effective ‘Child Safe’ capabilities. We do this by walking them through a process that helps enable all responsible stakeholders with essential backgrounding, assessment of the outcomes and a methodology to collaboratively review requirements and repurpose them into a system of operational elements [objectives, requirements, measures, priorities etc] that are setting specific and readily understood by operational team members that need to work with these requirements on a day to day basis.

Through the ‘Safe Havens Skool’, team leaders of an organisation will be briefed about the background and history of the Royal Commissions’ institutional responses to child abuse. Using the SHS Workbook, institutions will be guided in all the requirements to build and track the development of ‘Child Safe’ capabilities.

New eBook - Solving the 12 compliance challenges leadership teams face creating and maintaining effective Child Safe systems


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